About FSBA

The Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis 

FSBA is the result of a team of people over decades whose talents, hard work, incredible skills and love for Bioenergetics made its existence possible. It was Robert Glazer who began FSBA in 1975. He cherished the opportunity to help clients tap their authentic momentum in life through bioenergetics and he worked unceasingly to keep a training program vibrant that could teach others how to offer Bioenergetics to their clients. He purchased a renovated Victorian “Farmhouse” in the woods of Alachua Florida to have a special place for others to come and do bioenergetic transformational work.

There are hundreds of people who have walked through the doors of this “Farmhouse” to learn, to train and to grow. All of these people, in a sense, make up the composition of those who hearts quietly sponsor FSBA's mission. After the passing of Robert Glazer in 2015, their support and encouragement to sustain FSBA have been extraordinary. Some have also generously offered to give monetarily to sustain the bioenergetic training program, the Farmhouse in which the program is housed, and the incredible leaders who often travel thousands of miles to share their knowledge. This sponsorship program was created to receive the much needed and love-infused financial assistance being offered. The gratitude for this help is enormous. Sponsor’s names are listed on the FSBA official website (https://www.bioenergetics-society.com/fsba-sponsors/) allowing your contribution to be deducted as an advertising expense for your business or professional practice.

*Unfortunately your contribution cannot be deducted on your personal income taxes at this time but can deducted as a business expense. 

Additional, for our sponsors, we want to send you something from the "Farmhouse" that links you to the years of transformation, grounding, teaching, tears, love, and joy that has taken place on its carpet. The carpet in the group room of the farmhouse that so many of us have been on finally needed to be replaced. If you can be a sponsor of FSBA, we would be delighted to send you some of this carpet that perhaps you, as well as many others, have grounded in as you experienced Bioenergetics. Alexander Lowen is also one of the individuals who spent time on this carpet, leading training workshops. 

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